Short Time Delivery of Transformers

We thrive to deliver Distribution Transformers of all standard rating, in shortest possible lead time of 4 weeks at a premium cost and 6 weeks at a nominal cost. Such Transformers come with suitable standard accessories and applicable optional accessories as per basic standard specification.

When additional accessories such as HV or LV Switchgear, Transducer for Digital Indication, etc., are required to be fitted with the Transformer, lead time varies depending on vendor delivery.

For all other non-standard ratings, our typical lead times are between 8 to 12 weeks based on production plan at that time.

Standard Rating of Transformers

  • 250kVA
  • 315kVA
  • 400kVA
  • 500kVA
  • 630kVA
  • 800kVA
  • 1000kVA
  • 1250kVA
  • 1600kVA
  • 2000kVA
  • 2500kVA

Standard Accessories

  • HV Off-Circuit Tap Changer (+/-2.5% or +/-5.0% or +7.5%),
  • HV Indoor Cable Box or Outdoor Bushing Terminals
  • LV Outdoor Bushing Terminal for Neutral Earthing
  • LV Indoor Cable Box or Bus-Duct Adaptor Box
  • Conservator with Plain Oil-level Gauge (POG)
  • Skid Base with Bi-directional Rollers
  • Tank Lifting Lugs & Jacking Pads
  • Oil Drain & Filtration Valve
  • Rating & Diagram Plate
  • Thermometer Pocket
  • Dehydrant Breather
  • Earthing Terminals

Optional Accessories

  • Oil Temperature Indicator (OTI)
  • Winding Temperature Indicator (WTI)
  • Gas/Liquid Operated Relay (GOR)
  • Magnetic Oil-level Gauge (MOG)
  • Pressure Relief Device (PRD)
  • On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC)
  • Remote Tap Changer Control Panel (RTCC)
  • Window Annunciation in Control Panel
  • Air Forced Cooling Fans
  • Fan Control Panel
  • Marshalling Box
  • Radiator Shut-Off Valves


Typical Applications

• Step-down Distribution Transformers
• Step-up Generation Transformers
• Earthing Transformers
• Isolation Transformers
• Wind-farm Transformers
• Solar-farm Transformers
• Motor Starting Transformers
• Converter Duty Transformers


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