Scott-T transformer (also called a Scott Connection) is a type of circuit used to produce two-phase electric power (2 φ, 90 degree phase rotation) from a three-phase (3 φ, 120 degree phase rotation) source, or vice versa. The Scott Connection evenly distributes a balanced load between the three phases.

The Scott-connected Transformers are effective in reducing voltage imbalance on the transmission network.


I. Traction

II. Industrial Furnace

Three-phase power from Electricity Boards / Power Plants is effectively converted by a Scott-connected Transformer to single-phase power, which then used for Traction or Furnace.


Unlike Distribution Duty Transformers, Converter Duty Transformers can handle load currents with higher harmonics due to the distorted waveform. The Converter Load causes the distorted current waveform to pass through the Transformer. This distorted current leads to higher losses & temperatures in the transformer. Converter Duty Transformers reduce the harmonic distortion passing through the network system.


  • DC Arc Furnaces
  • Copper Refining
  • Aluminium Electrolysis
  • Graphitizing Furnaces
  • DC Traction Sub-Stations
  • Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

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