Why Energy Efficiency Matters – The 7 Reasons that You Should Look to Your Transformer for Energy Efficiency

The way we consume and generate energy is undergoing a huge revolution, thanks mostly to the ongoing threats of climate change and the allure of renewable, clean energy. But whilst these major developments require big shake ups and a complete change in the way we behave, one aspect of energy usage is often overlooked. Energy […]

Movie 18 Jul 2018

White Paper: Aluminium Vs Copper

  The electrical equipment industry is witnessing first-hand how a customer’s purchase decision is being heavily influenced, by the finest of margins, when it comes to the two very similar performing metals of aluminium and copper. Over the years, there has been plenty documented about the performance of these two metals, especially when it comes […]

Movie 18 Jul 2018

Copper Vs Aluminium

Although this sort of topic may not make the headlines, in our industry, it’s a serious matter of some contention. The war between these two metals continues to rage on; both vying to become the number one contender as the ideal component for windings in a transformer. Due to both metals being thermal and electrical […]

Movie 15 Feb 2018
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